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Author: David Lewis-Williams. Editorial: Akal The art that was created in the depths of the caves of Western Europe at the end of the glacial period produces equal admiration and amazement. What do animals and symbols painted on the walls of caves like Lascaux, Chauvet and Altamira tell us about the nature of the ancestral mind? How did they arise, so to speak, out of nothing?
The mind in the cave offers the most convincing explanation of all that have been proposed so far for the origins of art: the answer lies in the evolution of the human mind. In his different chapters, the author combines a lifetime of anthropological research with the most recent advances in the field of neurology to show how Cro-Magnons, unlike Neanderthals, possessed a higher level consciousness and a more neurological structure. advanced that allowed them to experience shamanistic trances and intense mental images that, over time, had the need to “fix” on the walls of the caves

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